Yazoo Park, Mumbai
Yazoo Park, Mumbai

Yazoo Park, Mumbai | Mumbai Tourism

Yazoo Park, Mumbai

Located on the outskirts of Mumbai, Yazoo Park is a charming amusement park spread over 12 acres, starting from small tots to veteran gamer and catering to each and every age. This bonfire wonderland is the perfect destination for those who want to get out of the crowd and spend some time somewhere quiet and close to nature, but don’t miss out on what a premier amusement park can offer and the abundance of rides and entertainment. This is an entertainment park for kids especially .

Yazoo Park is the best of both worlds. From timeless favorites like Ferris Wheel and Mary Go-Rounds to adventure additions like Zipline and Freefall, rifle ranges like fun kid’s dragon trains, and professionals in the gaming zone – Yazoo Park has something for everyone. The latest addition, the water zone is an aquatic exterior v, for the whole family to have fun together

At the end of the day there are Yazoo Food Plaza and Yazoo Floating Restaurant to eat your hungry belly. In a combination of the two, you will find a great cuisine with Indian, Chinese, authentic veggies South Indian and other great dishes.

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