Versova Beach, Mumbai
Versova Beach, Mumbai

Versova Beach, Mumbai | Mumbai Tourism

Versova Beach, Mumbai 

Juhu Beach, in the last suburb of Versova, is relatively less crowded and separated only by a creek from the eastern seaboard. Versova is a fishing village of Kolis (Fisherfox), originally located around the beach, and is the center of the fishing business. The beach is small but very popular for the fierce fish market and fish auctions are held every day at the venue. Separated by huge rocks protecting the village from the waves and tides of the sea, the beach attracts tourists with a view of the natural beauty and the altar horizon.

Loneliness attracts many professional photographers and shutterbags, especially during the dawn and dusk to capture breathtaking panoramas and landscape vistas. Also, Ganesh does various sports such as beach snorkeling, cycling, horseback riding.

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