Vardhaman Fantasy, Mumbai
Vardhaman Fantasy, Mumbai

Vardhaman Fantasy, Mumbai| Mumbai Tourism

Vardhaman Fantasy

The burgeoning fantasy amusement park is a relatively new park in Mumbai. The highlight of the park is the seven charming areas it is divided into – Texas Cowboys, Greek Village, Colo Theatrum, Viva Las Vegas, World of the World, Lake Venetia and Spanish cuisine. The park has a huge food court in addition to the wonderful scenery and construction, it helps to take pride and make for a thrilling journey for both adults and kids. This place is good to visit when you have free time. Good for both friends and family . And any group will enjoy. There is garden , boating , cafeteria and rides sections. Entry fees is cheap . But there are additional charges for rides and game zone.

Vardhaman Fantasy is a huge amusement park that rides a lot for kids, before there was even a boat ride. It’s a convenient and fun place for people to be around. There is a separate charge for all rides up to Rs. 30-60 / – is also available in fast food counters.


Seven Wonders to visit this place, however what we saw was extremely disappointing. Not sure why Vardhman spoiling reputation / image of the Seven Wonders (Taj Mahal, The Great Wall of China, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Statue of Liberty, Christ the Redeemer Statue, Chichen Itza, and Eiffel Tower). They charge Rs.50 / – per person, however park entry fee is only Rs.2 / -. When we enter the seven wonders gate is quite small. If you try to read the information board is broken and one information board was completely blank, I know why they kept it. The whole place is poorly maintained and very dirty.

The Good Things I like about the park its average rides where kids enjoy. E.g. Giant wheel, Boating, Train and car ride, etc. It’s got good food to court.

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