Snow World, Mumbai
Snow World, Mumbai

Snow World, Mumbai | Mumbai Tourism

Snow World, Mumbai 

An interesting relief from the infamous heat and humidity of Mumbai, Snow World is a one-of-a-kind snow theme park located in Phoenix Market City, Mumbai. This is the perfect destination for you and your family to spend a day skating and sledding on the ice, throwing snowballs at each other and enjoying the extremely real snowfall in snow dance. To take the theme of the park and provide guests with a very authentic feeling of snowy land, the temperature is kept at -1 ° C – a striking contrast to the Mumbai weather conditions even in winter.

Take your family to the Snow World in Mumbai in anticipation of a fun-filled time in the cool indoor chamber of snow and ice and you won’t be disappointed. The environment, as well as the various activities on the card, will make your visit a special and memorable experience. It has been hurt that Snow World takes safety precautions very seriously and there are guides to assist you in various activities so that you can enjoy them without having to worry about anything else.

This place is open for 365 days and is enough for one hour to one session to enjoy the snow activities. The temperature is -10 and it’s freezing. My son has enjoyed Ice Sliding the most. They have snowboarding, snow sledging, ice skating, iGloss, penguin setup,
They also provide jackets, gum boots and gloves at the entrance. Hot cafes like snoop, tea, coffee are available at the Snow Café which should be available after playing in the snow zone. The staff here is very compassionate and helpful, at the same time extremely caring and quick.

Weekends are fully packed here so it is advisable to book your slots online at their website. The charges are very minimal and are worth every penny spent here.

It was a unique experience for my family and great fun together and with that we have been relieved of the burning heat of Mumbai for some time.

Rate – 600 / – per person.

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