Disneyland of India
Disneyland of India

Adlabs Imagica, Mumbai | Disneyland of India | Mumbai Tourism

“Disneyland of India”

Affectionately known as “Disneyland of India”, Adlab’s Imagica is the country’s largest theme park in Mumbai. Launched in 2013 and spread across a vast area of 300 acres, Adolobs Imagica is a one stop destination for adventure with all the water. In addition, it boasts an abundance of both restaurants and clubs for luxury dining and jogging.

Everyone demands happiness and relaxation in their lives, and amusement parks are places where you can go and have endless pleasures. Imagica is a great place to stay. This is a different type of ride. Rides are well maintained. The rides are simply thrilling and breathtaking.

Friendly and efficient staff. There are plenty of men / women to guide and monitor. The staff there are very helpful.

How can I forget about the best food and delicious coffee I have there.
Food: The food is great and the staff is always helpful. Specifically I went to Armada and I had a coffee and sandwich combo that Mr. Cheathan mentioned. Finally enjoyed lots of rides and attractions including food.

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