Aksa Beach, Mumbai
Aksa Beach, Mumbai

Aksa Beach, Mumbai | Mumbai Tourism

Aksa Beach, Mumbai

It is a popular beach in the village of Aksa in Malad. It is one of the most quiet and short sights. For young people, this is the best and clean place. There are many private cottages and hotels to rent. The beach is surrounded by lots of coconut trees, villages and greens in green. This is a perfect place for lovers as well as picnic groups to spend some romantic moments.

Located on the outskirts of Malad, Oxa Beach is an unparalleled wilderness for a lively backdrop to the city’s traffic rush. Undoubtedly, most of the fame of the Hot Shot Bollywood movie ‘Tujhe Aksa beach jhumma du’ is one of the longest in the city for tourists seeking peace and tranquility from mainstream Chowpatty in Bombay. By doing The beach has not yet been touched by the crowds of the city and therefore retains its natural charm without being completely clean.

Known for its primitive and immaculate beauty, this beach is often home to families and couples. Strong tides and currents continue to move and therefore it is forbidden to swim too far in the water for swimming. However, small eats make up for it and you miss a lot. You can soak up the chancha bake on the heat and enjoy a serene sumptuously furnished with small cottages and luxurious resorts, making this place an ideal departure from the day-to-day lifestyle.

It is a famous beach easily accessible via Malad Station (30 ments – 45 mts) or Mud Jetty via Verdova. If you’re lucky, most of the day’s shooting is for a viewing serial.

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