Vizag Visakhapatnam
Vizag Visakhapatnam

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Vizag Visakhapatnam

Vizag Visakhapatnam

A dream holiday destination for the whole family, Visakhapatnam is more than just an art city. Located on the eastern coast of Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnamis named after Birshreshtha Hindu God, Bishasakh and popularly known as Vizag.

Visakhapatnam, commonly known as Visjag, is one of the oldest port cities in the country. Located in the heart of Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam is known for its beautiful beaches and quiet landscape and rich cultural past, it makes an ideal place for a fantastic coastal holiday. Visakhapatnam Port is one of the largest ships and prominent Director General of India and a prominent place in the natural shiny Peshawar region, famous for a great tourist destination.

You can not go to a coastal town like Visakhapatnam and you can not see its beaches. The epicenter is drowned with many beaches along its coast. One of the most spectacular places in the Visakhapatnam region, the beaches surrounded by royal hills and on the other side of the Bay of Bengal. The best thing about the beaches of Vizag is that they are far more cleaner than many other famous beaches along the sea level and fewer crowds. It is a suitable place to sit back in golden rays and witness a wonderful sunrise or sunset.

Vizag Visakhapatnam

A short distance away from Visakhapatnam, Araku Valley is one of the main attractions of the city. Located 910 meters above sea level, Araku Valley Healing Waterfall, a mountain station full of crystal clear flows and perfume green gardens. Several tribes of the Valley live, who firmly hold on their vibrant heritage and culture, refuse to accept themselves through commercialization. Araku valley offers some challenging tracking trills that you can enjoy for it.

If you’re a history lover, the Borra Caves are one of the best tourist attractions that Vizag has to offer for you. Nestled amidst the Ananthagiri Hills in Araku Valley, the Borra Caves are over thousands of years old and are the biggest among all the caves found in India. Made entirely of natural karstic limestone, the caves are kaleidoscopic in nature, and the light falling on the rocks coupled with the waterfalls creates an extremely colourful effect, lending an aura of magic and mysticism to the entire ambience.

Vizag Visakhapatnam

A few miles away from the Burra cave, Katikya waterfalls are reduced to waterfalls which measure about 50 feet in height and are gently rolling green in the valley. Crystal-clear water is a sight for tired eyes, cascading down glossy, bordered by dazzling green hose.

A coastal area, the main food of Visakhapatnam, includes seafood, as well as traditional Andhra South Indian cuisine. Although Visakhapatnam is not quite famous for being a shopping destination, you can find many things. You can buy handicrafts from Kalamkari paintings to wooden toys, even the most beautiful things can buy different types of things.

History of Vizag Visakhapatnam

Whay Visakhapatnam is Called Vizag?

Vizag Visakhapatnam

British Indians had trouble pronouncing names. They made Mumbai as Bombay, Calcutta as Calcutta, Bengaluru to Bangalore, etc.

Visakhapatnam is also known as Lord Vishweshwara Temple (now Lord kartik, the second son of Lord Shiva). Currently it is located on the shore of the sea. When the British built a port along the natural habitat here, they declared the original name Weizagatam (pronounced as V-Jag-Ah-Jat-Ahm). But when they wrote it, anyone who read it had pronounced it as Y-Zag-Ah-Patam.

Thus Vishakhapatnam became Visakhapatnam, and Vizag. Vishakhapatnam citizens became known as Vizag.

Place to visit in Vizag

Araku Valley

Katiki Waterfalls


INS Kurusura Submarine Museum 

Borra Caves

Rushikonda Beach

Dolphin Nose

Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary 


Photos of Vizag


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