katiki waterfalls

Katiki Waterfalls Vizag | Visakhapatnam 2019 |

Katiki Waterfalls Tourism

Katiki Waterfalls

Katikki Falls starts from river Rivers, 90 kilometers away from Visakhapatnam. The waterfall is located near the Baura Guha and it is a famous attraction for nature lovers.

The natural landscape near the waterfall goes through an uneven path that adds an element of green and spectacular adventure. Therefore, it is an ideal attraction for Beginner level trek.

There are many types food and drinks found here, especially bamboo chicken and fresh coconut water. Before proceeding take a pit stop for a bite will not be frustrating.

Cool air, green and tidy waterfalls sound all the concerns of one’s mind. An exciting sight from 50 feet high distance. Take a little time to eat the tune of birds or eat your feet in the cold water.

Those who want to enter the water can make some exciting moments with family and friends, especially, very popular in this region. Katiki Falls is the place for those who want to rejuvenate their souls.

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